Jumper and skirt FAIR from the collection TWEED

STUDIO MYR is the independant knitwear label of designer Miriam Lenarts. Inspired by her unstoppable passion for craft, knitwear and fashion, she designs unique collections for both men and women. Pure materials are being transformed in a pure, timeless style.

Her products are being defined by refinement, elegance and playfulness. The silhouet is slender and graceful. With her contemporary designs, Miriam wants to give a new definition to the ancient craft of knitting, making pure products on a small scale in a traditional way, using only first class, natural yarns, that are being obtained with respect for men and nature. The properties and qualities of those yarns determine to a large extent the shape and function of the product. Moreover the craft of knitting itself is an important source of inspiration.

Sustainability is an other major aspect of her work, both in production and in application. The  collections are being produced in Holland, according to the "zero waste" principle. The designs are timeless and not subjected to fashion trends. STUDIO MYR produces no seasonal collections, but every collection is being maintained and extended every year. The high quality yarns as bio-linen, bio-cotton and fine merino wool, ensure a longtime use. This way the designs of STUDIO MYR fit into the new Zeitgeist in fashion, where explicit attention is drawn to a responsible way of producing and using our clothes: "Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality over quantity" (Vivienne Westwood). STUDIO MYR designs for the men and women who appreciate unique quality knitwear, made in a responsible way on a small scale.

Miriam: "I always have been fascinated by creating beauty out of seemingly nothing. As a child I made wedding dresses for my Barbies out of paper doilies, and rain coats of little plastic bags. I still have that alchemical feeling as I sit behind my knitting machine, and watch garments emerge from a single thread."