Knitted ties were hip and happening in the 60s of the last century, and are now starting to appear slowly in fashion again. This contemporary series is a surprising combination of classic colors and bold geometric patterns. They are knitted of six thin threads of cotton in two colors. By changing the composition of the threads randomly the pattern appears sometimes bright, sometimes blurred , as if the material has been eroded by the elements. The quality of the yarn adds to the ties a beautiful silky sheen and feel, but offers at the same time all the maintenance comfort of cotton.
By their luxurious look and "weathered" appearance these ties fit perfectly in the modern vintage chic trend. 

The ties come in a beautiful, hand crafted, dark grey cardboard, storage box.

Length: 135 cm / 52.65". Width: 5 cm / 1,95".

Complete your look with the matching scarfs Elements. In case you choose to order 2 products in one go, in gratitude we offer you a discount of 10%. Please mention code DOUBLEORDER when checking out. Of course you only have to pay shipment once.

Available in four variations : Rust, Teal, Wood and Rock.

Rust: rust brown and black yarn.
Teal: teal blue and mauve yarn.
Wood: mustard yellow and black yarn.
Rock: silver grey and black yarn.

Wash by hand. Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to dry. Hot ironing allowed.

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