Snood TSARINA-Raisa

Snood TSARINA-Raisa


When winter chills and winds come around, the snood TSARINA will keep you warm and cosy. It is the ultimate winter accessory for any woman. What’s a snood you ask? Mix a scarf and hood, and there you go. Once you felt its warmth, ultimate softness and protection from the cold, you’ll be a convert. Besides, it’s a chic and feminine look. The TSARINA is sublime by its simplicity and its quality. A simple tube, knitted of 100 % undyed baby alpaca, carefully finished by hand. Just pull her over your head and immediately experience the incomparable softness and wonderful warmth.
Depending on the circumstances, you can wear it as an eye-catching cowl on a sweater or dress , or as a graceful scarf or hood .

Available in 3 variations: Ada, Anna, Raisa.
Hight: 60 cm. Circumference: 65 cm.

Wash by hand. Do not wrench. Do not centrifuge. Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to dry.


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