The matching scarfs and ties of this collection really stand out, but in a sophisticated, subtil way. The have been knitted of six very fine threads of cotton in two classical colors. By changing the color composition of the threads randomly, the powerful graphic pattern appears sometimes clear, sometimes faded, as if it has been eroded by the elements.
The quality of the yarn provides the scarfs with a beautiful silky sheen and feel, but offers at the same time all the benefits and comfort of cotton. This makes them very suitable for those men who can't or won't wear wool.
Because of their luxurious look and "weathered" appearance these scarfs and ties perfectly fit in the modern vintage look. 
Both scarfs and ties come in 4 editions: rock, rust, teal and wood.

100% mercerised bio-cotton (GOTS)

Wash by hand. 40 degrees. Ironing allowed.