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Holstraat 15
6017AC Thorn

++ 31 (0) 475 562458

Luxurious knitwear. Sophisticated, playful and elegant. First class materials. For the independent man or woman, who want to define their personal style by refined design.


Blanket/scarf EMPRESS - Poncho QUOLLA - Snood TSARINA

This collection of winter accessories is designed for the woman who is looking for both luxury and sustainability. It consists of three timeless designs: a snood, a blanket shawl and a poncho, which emanate in a relaxed elegancy. They come each in three variations of natural dyed colors from the exquisite baby alpaca, one of the finest fibres in the world. The designs are reduced to the most basic form, so they can adapt perfectly to any body.  Close attention is paid to the finish for the ultimate perception of quality. Each piece is chic, versatile, and crafted to endure.

The alpaca is a member of the camel family originating from the heights of the Andes in South America. They have been bred for their quality wool since pre-Incan times. The unique climate and diet of the Andean alpaca creates a fine, silky coat. Alpacas require a lot of space and live at a high altitude. The extreme climate of the Andes have made them extremely resilient. Alpaca wool is strong, warm and luxurious, adjusting to your body temperature. Soft and silky to the touch, it is also hypoallergenic and durable. It exists in 22 naturally occurring colours. Baby alpaca is a rare type of highest quality alpaca wool which is extremely fine and soft.