GENTS collection

This rugged outdoor collection is designed to offer men a number of practical accessories when the weather conditions are cold and inclined.
The look has been inspirated by the Tweed hunting garments of the English nobility at the beginning of the last century.
The matching fingerless mittens and cowl-scarfs are knitted of first class deliciously warm and soft Merino wool, mixed with Pima cotton in a sturdy rib. By mixing the four threads randomly during knitting the typical Tweed look is created.
The zipper, added with a ornamental stitch, both enforces the rugged look as comes very practical. By unzipping, the cowl changes into a collar, that one can fold over the collar of ones coat, when coming into a shop or pub. By the same way the mittens can be folded over the sleeves. This prevents losing or forgeting them.

The GENTS come in 3 variations: Duke, Lord and Sir.
50% Pima cotton, 50% fine merino wool