TWEED collection

The TWEED collection has been inspired by the colors and the craft famous, traditional fabric. The Tweed effect has been obtained by knitting 4 threads of carefully chosen colors randomly together in a woven-like stitch, or classical pieds-de-poule pattern.
For FW 2018-2019 the collection consists of jumpers, skirts, scarfs, and mittens. They come in 5 color variations: Fair, Ginger, Raven, Heather and Moss. The silhouet is slender and slim; the appearance feminine and elegant with playful accents.
Soon the collection will be extended with more different jumpers, dresses, trousers and cardigans.
By the high quality of the yarn, the beautiful way they have been knitted and finished, and the timeless design, one can enjoy these garments for many, many years.

50% Fine Merino wool, 50% Pima cotton.