Cotton jumper Blue Denim

Cotton jumper Blue Denim


This elegant and playful jumper is part of the collection DENIM. It has been knitted of 100% high quality mercerized pima cotton. By mercerizing, the cotton got a beautiful soft silky shine and feel. During the knitting proces the yarn of light denim blue and dark denim blue have been used randomly. That way the pattern appears sometimes bright, sometimes faded, as if the jumper has been partially bleached by the sunlight or wasted in another way.

By the V-neck both at the front and at the back, the half long sleeves, and the little slits at the end of the side seams and sleeves, the jumper gets its elegant, feminine and playful appearance. Beautifully finshed by hand in our studio.

A timeless design you can wear for many years.

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